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Whether you are a beginner or experienced vocalist, Chelsea will help you to shape your knowledge of singing through exercises in diction, support, breathing techniques, and more.  Lessons also cover vocal and music theory vocabulary, to build a strong foundation of understanding.  Additionally, lessons also include topics in microphone control, song form, and emotional interpretation of lyrics.


Every lesson is individually tailored to fit the student's personal goals, and preferences in genre and style.

Chelsea helps students to "find their own voices" while learning proper technique and honing their abilities!

Age Requirement:

Must be 6+

Must already be able to read.  No exceptions.

Piano Requirement (for Home Lessons):

If you will be taking private lessons at home, it is preferred that you have a piano or keyboard for use during voice lessons.  The piano/keyboard is necessary for warmups, vocal exercises, and possibly instrumental accompaniment.  It does not have to be anything special – just functional!  If you do not have a piano/keyboard, we will still be able to cover most regular exercises; however, it is preferred that you purchase one if you plan on continuing voice lessons for an extended period of time.

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