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Age Requirement:

Must be 5+

Supplies Needed:

  • Piano/Keyboard (info below)

  • Schmitt & Hanon Technique Books (Ages 12+)

  • Alfred's Adult Piano Lesson Book (Ages 12+)

  • It's Piano Lesson Time Book (Ages 8-12)

  • Hal Leonard Piano Lesson Book (Ages 5-7)

Piano/Keyboard Requirements:

All piano students are required to have a piano or keyboard in their home for use during practice (or during lessons if you are taking lessons at home).  While a real piano is preferable, keyboards and electric pianos are acceptable, provided they meet the following criteria.

Keyboards and electric pianos preferably should have 88 keys, but should not have less than 66.  The keys also preferably should have touch sensitivity and should be weighted.

While 66 key keyboards and electric pianos without weighted keys and touch sensitivity are acceptable for absolute beginners, you should plan to upgrade to an 88 key keyboard or electric piano with these features within no more than a year and a half of playing piano.  You WILL need the full keyboard with these features in order to progress further in your study of piano.

Your piano or keyboard must also include a sustain pedal and a music stand.

If you have a real piano, it MUST be in tune.  Pianos should be tuned twice a year.  In order to get the most out of your tuning, please make sure your piano is situated away from windows, outside walls, and heating/cooling vents as fluctuations in temperature will cause the instrument to go out of tune more quickly.


Piano is a fantastic instrument to learn regardless of the path you choose to take in music, because it gives you a foundation to learn almost any other instrument, as well as enhances your knowledge of music theory.  Piano lessons will cover a wide variety of topics and styles, and blend classical exercises and theory with popular music techniques, including improvisation, sight-reading, chords, scales, and accompaniment.  All students will learn how to read music as well as play by ear, and use the sustain pedal.​

Lessons are individually tailored to fit each student's age and personal goals, as well as preferred genre and style.

Learning piano will help all students become well-rounded musicians!

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