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Artist Development

What is artist development?  In the real music industry, artist development refers to record labels helping their musicians maintain and cultivate their creative sides, while building an image, style, and following.

Chelsea is here to help kickstart those building blocks of artist development.  As a recording artist herself, Chelsea looks to impart her knowledge of the music industry to her students so they have a better understanding of what to expect in the music biz, as well as learn how to manage their own careers on a DIY basis, should they wish to enter music professionally.

Students who are seriously looking to pursue music as a career have the option to learn these skills from Chelsea.  Topics can include how and where to get gigs, how to build a press kit or resume, website development, and what kind of image, sound, and onstage persona to establish.  Students who are going out and performing their own gigs will also be able to work on building audience and venue appropriate setlist, and receive advice on building good working relationships with venues.

Artistic Development

The first half of artist development is exactly what it sounds like – developing your artistry!  It is Chelsea's goal to help every one of her students discover and cultivate their inner artist.  Students will learn how to recognize their skills and shape them to develop their own "sound."  They will be given the tools to write their own songs, adapt songs they cover to be unique, and develop their own musical style.  Over time, students will learn how to emotionally connect with the songs they play, and turn that connection into an unforgettable performance.

For older students, artistic development also involved building a "brand."  In music, YOU are your own brand, and learning this aspect of the music industry is critical part of being a professional musician.  Older students who frequently perform, and plan on having their own websites and music-related social media, may be helped in developing this "brand" to further themselves.

Booking Performances

Students who show a passion for performing will be helped to book their own performances at open mics, music venues, festivals, and more  While all students are encouraged to take part in their school talent shows, this goes beyond the typical performance opportunities offered to young musicians.  Students may be asked to join Chelsea at her own gigs, or Chelsea may book them full gigs of their own.  Many students have also gone on to book their own performances across the state. Chelsea is here to help you establish connections, learn how to book performances, and have successful shows.​

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