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The bass is the foundation of the entire band, and an integral part of music!  Learn the in's and out's of bass with Chelsea, who studied bass as her primary instrument at Berklee College of Music.  Bass students will learn all the basics of the instrument, including how to tune, locate notes, and general music theory.  Additionally, they will learn how to create walking bass lines for multiple genres and improvise.  Bass lessons will heavily emphasis scales and rhythm exercises, and students will learn how to read music as well as tablature.  

Lessons are individually tailored to meet each student's age and goals, as well as their preferred genres.

Bass is a great instrument and provides a basis for learning other string instruments as well.


Age Requirement:

Must be 9+

Supplies Needed:

  • Bass

  • Tuner

  • Amp/Cable

It is also recommended that you purchase a strap and bass case if your instrument did not come with them.  You may also want to purchase picks, although picks will not be immediately introduced in your lessons.

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