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Learn to play one of the most popular and versatile instruments out there – the guitar!  Beginner students will focus on learning how to tune, locate notes, and play open chords, while intermediate and advanced students will go on to learn barre chords, fingerpicking, improvisation, and beyond.  All lessons cover musical terms and theory, including learning how to read music as well as tablature, rhythm exercises, scales, and more.  

Lessons are individually tailored to fit each student's age and personal goals, as well as preferences in genre and style. Lessons offered in both acoustic and electric guitar.

Guitar is a great instrument to learn, and provides many opportunities to expand a student's knowledge of performance, general music theory, and composition.


Age Requirement:

Must be 6+

Supplies Needed:

  • Guitar

  • Picks (not just one!)

  • Tuner

  • Capo

  • Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book (Ages 9+)

  • Guitar for the Small Fry (Ages 6-9)

  • Electric guitarists must provide own amp and cable

It is also strongly recommended that you purchase a guitar case and strap if your guitar did not come with one.

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