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Audition Preparation

Many students are faced with the prospect of audition for various musical groups, plays, programs, and even college!  Auditioning is an art unto itself, and a lot goes into preparing for an audition.  A veteran of many successful auditions, Chelsea is here to show you the ropes to having a great audition, from practice methods, to building confidence, and more.  Chelsea's students have gone on to star in their school and community theater plays, earn spots in school and state choirs and bands, receive college music scholarships, and be hired as paid musicians in real music venues – all as a result of great auditions.

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The Ropes of Auditioning

Most middle and high school aged students will have many auditions ahead of them, both within school and outside of it, to get into various music groups and programs.  Whether you are auditioning for a theatrical production, select band or choir, music or theater program, or just about anything else, Chelsea is here to help you prepare for your audition.  You'll learn it all: practicing methods, confidence building, appropriate audition attire and behavior, what to put on a resume, and more, and even run mock auditions in your lessons.  Chelsea is also available to help you work on the non-musical aspects of theater auditions, such as selecting and learning monologues or lines.

Auditioning itself takes practice, and the more auditions you go on, the easier they will become.  Students are encouraged to audition for everything they would like to be a part of – no matter what the odds of your acceptance will be.  Learning how to audition and becoming comfortable in those high pressure situations comes with time and repetition, and Chelsea is here to help you accomplish everything you set your mind to!

College Auditions

While every audition is demanding, there is nothing quite as demanding as a college audition.  Students who wish to pursue music in college will be aided in song choice(s), as well as rehearsing the song(s) and any other material listed on the audition requirements.  Chelsea is also available to provide advice on applications, essays, music/theater resumes, and interview skills. Students who wish to attend college for music are encouraged to begin preparing for college auditions as soon as their prospective schools post audition information.  Chelsea is also available to write letters of recommendation when needed.

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