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Whether students wish to pursue a career in music, or are just looking for a great creative outlet and try their hand at songwriting, Chelsea can provide many valuable lessons in songwriting skills.  Songwriting is a great way to get more involved in music, and to express feelings.  Chelsea hopes to cultivate each student's individual creativity and inner artist!

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Listen to some original music by Chelsea's students:​

Songwriting Skills

Topics in songwriting cover a large range of areas including song form, rhyme scheme, using metaphors and imagery in writing, creating melodies and musical arrangements, storytelling through lyrics, and more.  Students will complete exercises in brainstorming ideas, as well as writing exercises such as object writing – a tool used to heighten creative thinking.​

Chelsea will guide students to write songs in popular song formats, but she is just the guide!  The outcome of the song is in the student's hands.  Students are encouraged to think outside the box and challenge themselves musically.

Many of Chelsea's students have gone on to write a number of their own songs, have performed them live, and some have even gone on to professionally record them.  

Original Song Recordings

When students are finished completing their original songs, they have the option to record them during lessons.  Students may either play their own instruments (when applicable) or Chelsea can create backing tracks for you.  Original song recordings are taken more seriously than end-of-the-year recordings, as they are a representation of the student's creative work and can actually be used to promote his or herself as a musician.  For that reason, more attention to detail and preparation is required.  Original song recordings are only posted online with the permission of the student who wrote them.

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