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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions.  If your question is not here, please feel free to contact Chelsea with your question here.

How long have you been teaching lessons?

I have been teaching lessons since 2010.  I currently teach privately and at  Red House Guitar Studio in Point Pleasant.  I have also been teaching preschool music at Long Valley Christian Nursery School since 2014.  In the past, I taught at Valley Music Center for over eight years, School of Rock in Randolph NJ, substitute taught at School of Rock in Somerville NJ, and taught Vocal Lab at Hunterdon Preparatory School in the 2017-18 school year.

How long is the typical lesson?

I suggest that all students ages seven and older start with a 30 minute lesson.  Once students are accustomed to their instrument, we can consider extending the lesson to 45 minutes or an hour should the schedule allow.  Students who are taking lessons in multiple instruments (or voice and an instrument) should aim to take hour lessons so we can spend sufficient time on each.  Students under the age of seven may be asked to start with a 20 minute lesson, and can increase to 30 minutes on an individual basis.

Where do you teach?

Mondays and Thursdays I teach at Red House Music & Rehearsal Studio in Point Pleasant, NJ.  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I am available for virtual lessons.

Is there any age limit on who you will teach?

Generally, the majority of my students are between the ages of 6 and 19, although exceptions can be made for children younger than 6 on an individual basis depending on the instrument.  I will not teach voice lessons to anyone who is not yet able to read.  I am available to work with adults as well.  

What are your rates?

I strive to offer quality lessons at an affordable price.  Please contact me to discuss rates.

Do you only teach girls, or do you teach boys too?

While most of my students currently are girls, I do teach boy too!  My lessons are tailored to fit each students' needs.  My entire lesson curriculum is just as useful to boys as it is to girls.

Is it extra money to receive lessons in songwriting, performance, etc.?

No!  I incorporate songwriting, performance, artistic development, audition preparation, etc. into your regular lesson time as we see fit.  It is up to the student how much he or she wants to proceed with these topics, however they are of no extra cost.

How often do you hold recitals?

I hold one yearly recital, the Annual Fall Concert, in which all students in grades K-12 are expected to participate.  The Annual Fall Concert takes place in October and has been held at Vasa Park in Budd Lake since 2013.  Students perform between one and three songs depending on how long they have been taking lessons.  An award ceremony follows the concert.  Students may be asked to perform in additional shows on an invitational basis throughout the year, such as our Disney Music Revue and Summer Student Showcase.

Do I have to perform in the recitals?

As performance is a key element of my curriculum, all students in grades K-12 are expected to participate in the Fall Concert no matter their age, skill level, or how long they've been taking lessons.  When invited, students are expected to participate in invitational shows as long as they are available.  Facing stage fright might be tough, but the only way to get through it is to do it! :) 

How do I get to perform with you at real shows?

Students who perform with me at my own shows do so only by invitation.  Typically, these students are older and have had some previous performance experience.  However, there are plenty of performance opportunities open to all of my students, such as the Annual Fall Concert and Christmas caroling.

How do you receive awards at the awards ceremony?

All of my students receive at least one award at the annual awards ceremony.  There are five main categories of awards - Rising Star Awards, Awesome Awards, Technique Awards, Special Recognition Awards, and Outstanding Achievement Awards.  Additionally, students may receive an award for a specific performance of a song, or for writing their own original songs.  In order to be eligible for an award, students must participate in the Fall Concert, stay for the entirety of their portion of the concert, and be present at the awards ceremony.  Awards are not held for students who miss either of these two events.

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