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Chelsea's students are given many opportunities to record songs during their lessons.  These "recording sessions" help to teach students what it is like to record music.  Students will develop recording techniques that will be useful in a professional recording setting, and will be given the opportunity to learn about recording equipment and programs.  These recordings can also be used to track the student's progress over time, and recording is always a lot of fun!

Students have the option of recording their own instruments (when applicable), having Chelsea play instruments or create a backing track for them, or singing along to karaoke in their recordings.

Listen Here!

Listen to some past student recordings here.  For more, please visit the Chelsea Carlson Music Lessons Soundcloud.

End-of-the-Year Recordings

Chelsea is here to help you prepare whenever you have an audition coming up.  Audition preparation for musicals will not only include learning the song(s) thoroughly, but will also include emotional execution and acting tips.  Chelsea will also give advice on audition etiquette, such as what is appropriate to wear to an audition.  Chelsea can also offer advice on creating theater resumes.  In addition to preparing for a specific audition, students may work on building up a repertoire of audition songs at any point during lessons.  This way, when an audition comes up, you have something prepared in advance that can be reviewed and used for the audition! 

Original Song Recordings

When students are finished completing their original songs, they have the option to record them during lessons.  Students may either play their own instruments (when applicable) or Chelsea can create backing tracks for you.  Original song recordings are taken more seriously than end-of-the-year recordings, as they are a representation of the student's creative work and can actually be used to promote his or herself as a musician.  For that reason, more attention to detail and preparation is required.  Original song recordings are only posted online with the permission of the student who wrote them.

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