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Award Ceremony

A lot of hard work goes into learning, performing, and creating music, and Chelsea likes to take a moment each year to acknowledge student growth and achievement both within lessons and in the oustide music world.  Her annual Award Ceremony closes the Fall Concert, has has grown to include several categories of awards.

In order to qualify for an award, students must participate in the Fall Concert, stay for the entire performance, and be present at the Awards Ceremony.

All students will receive an award in one of five categories: Rising Star Awards, Awesome Awards, Technique Awards, Special Recognition Awards, and Outstanding Achievement Awards.  Students may receive additional awards for songwriting or a specific performance of a song.  Goal Achievement winners are also announced at the Award Ceremony.

Award Categories

Main Awards:

Rising Star Awards

Rising Star Awards are given to students who have shown extreme improvement and potential since beginning lessons. (Medal)

Awesome Awards

Awesome Awards are caption awards highlighting a specific trait or skill displayed by the student related to music or performance. (Medal)


Technique Awards

Technique Awards are given to students who have demonstrated knowledge and skill in a genre or technique specific to their instrument. (Medal)

Special Recognition Awards

Special Recognition Awards are given to students who have shown immense overall improvement, dedication, and passion for music. (Trophy)

Outstanding Achievement Awards

Outstanding Achievement Awards are given to students who have not only made great strides within lessons, but in outside music activities and/or the professional music world. (Trophy)

Additional Awards:

Performance Awards

Performance Awards are given to a select number of instrumentalists and vocalists for a specific performance of a song, either in lessons or onstage.  ​(Medal)

Songwriting Awards

Songwriting Awards are given to all students who have written and completed an original song over the past year. (Medal)


Goal Achievement Prizes

Goal Achievement winners are announced at the Awards Ceremony.  Four winners (vocal, piano, strings, and overall) will be announced and given a choice between three prizes.  The Goal Achievement Contest involves all students who were taking lessons between January and June.  Students set various goals for themselves at the beginning of the contest, and points are given for each attempted and achieved goal.  The student with the most points per instrument category, as well as an overall highest scoring student, win!

Click here for a list of past winners!

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